Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Daily Battle...

My life is rather uncomplicated, 
Compared to many I know, 
And yet I’ve often contemplated,
The nature of my greatest woe, 

I’ve a burden of immeasurable density,   
In pertinence to a certain affliction, 
I was born with a terrible propensity,
For a daily unquenchable addiction...

“My name is Chris and I’m a Sleepoholic...”
I can hear myself saying it aloud, 
Admitting to peers in tones symbolic, 
Of the saving ability of a crowd, 

It’s not even that I sleep far too much- 
Indeed I seldom get enough, 
Rather it’s the unquenchable desire for such,
That makes my daily life tough, 

Waking up in the morning is a chore,
I’m not proud of my daily routine,
The alarm goes off yet I continue to snore,
My daily preparedness is rather obscene,

I think about sleep even while I’m awake,
Though I know this isn’t generally ideal,
A state of coherent mindset I have to fake, 
Until afternoon when my wakefulness is real,  

I know this poem isn’t truly relevant, 
Especially as I’m awake as I sit and write, 
Though I’m currently tired and ambivalent, 
I’m realizing this issue is trite... 

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